Find it hard to meet top-level decision makers of your choice?
Most sales packages doesn't come with flexibility?
Want to meet decision makers at a non-restricted time frame?
How has your leads pipeline changed over the past months?

Yes, we heard you and here’s a brand new package tailored to your needs!

What’s new at Management Events

Moving beyond our old package model, LaaS by ME is a subscription-based service that fills your lead pipelines regularly throughout the year with pre-defined 1-to-1 meetings in a set timeframe.
How can LaaS benefit your business
LaaS is a sales team’s dream – providing you an opportunity to connect with senior prospects who have a need for your solution.
Use your time effectively with pre-qualified and targeted 1-to-1s held from your office or home.
Start follow-up work from the 1-to-1 meetings immediately as no time is wasted on travelling from venue to venue.
Choose the 1-to-1s that will bring you long-term ROI.
What we offer

Let us do the hard work and put qualified prospects in front of you.

Buy a guaranteed amount of virtual 1-to-1 meetings in an annual contract, meetings delivered from ME portfolio target groups.

Sell to pre-selected prospect and existing customers, clearly in advance.

Suitable for companies with clear target account and target group focus.

Enable continuity of strong customer relationships.
They have bought LaaS

How about you? 

What our clients say

With quite little pre-work we have been able to create new contacts with potential new customers. Management Events has made the process really easy for us by arranging the meetings on our behalf. Being able to agree the meeting with non-existing customers’ decision makers, especially when it’s larger company, is usually a long process and requires many contacts before the actual first meeting. LaaS really saves time for us as by bringing the right customers to us.

Päivi Kivikoski-Lahtinen
Marketing and Communications Director Finland
Dell Technologies

By far the strongest paid source for helping us identify new leads and create new pipeline this year! Would definitely recommend others to try this service!

Kine Ellefsen
Head of Marketing Nordics
IFS Sverige AB

The idea of targeted pre-qualified leads seems to be working. I also like the idea of the commitment of a bigger meeting package. If you want to execute a good number of faster customer meetings and take it to the next level from there this is an ideal way to do it. For me it saves time, helps my sales planning and generates sales.

Jouni Pohjola
Sales Director
Movial Oy
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